Promoting labor wellbeing

Aerobics session for passport official workers

On Saturday May 27 there was an aerobics session for “Funcionarios de Pasaportes”. Event which main goal was to promote the labor wellbeing and to reduce the stress among workers, gave the employees the opportunity to activate and stimulate their cardiovascular system and enjoy some fun and physical activity.

Below a clear sky and an environment full of positive energy, over 50 employees got together at “La Estación” mall, to participate in this aerobics session, which began with a warm – up routine and after this everyone enjoyed exercises like Zumba mixed with lots of dancing exercises and active movements.

In addition to the physical benefits provided by this activity, psychological and emotional benefits were focused. Small talks about relaxation techniques and stress handling in the working environment were given as well.

In “Gestión y servicios” more each day, we try to involve with our employee’s wellbeing, promoting healthy habits and a good working environment.

This initiative shines not only because of its great business management of the organization, but also because of the care that is given to the ones who make possible the labors which are done daily.  Thus, this kind of activities provide a different environment for the workers and rise their productivity and talent.

Do you require proposals to improve your working environment?
Do you require proposals to improve your working environment?

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