Training: Strengthening professional development

During April, with the goal of strengthening professional development, we implemented some training and workshops aiming key aspects towards the company success. In these trainings we wanted our “Gestores de Convivencia” (convivence promoters), “funcionarios de Pasaportes del Valle” (passports workers) and inner collaborators to get new skills and knowledge which make them enhance their performance and leadership within their organization groups.

We also know effective communication is fundamental for a great working environment, a training in assertive communication was done, for employees to learn how to give their ideas and opinions in a clear and respectful way, which we are sure, is going to bring a better cooperation and understanding environment for the workers. Additionally, we implemented a no-stress campaign for “Funcionarios de Pasarportes” because of the current stress situation they are exposed to by working with lots and lots of people who are after their passports. This campaign implemented activities and techniques designed to help these employees to effectively handle their stress levels and to promote a healthy working environment.

With these two training initiatives we have worked on, we were focused on the workers personal and professional growth, we do our best to stay ahead of operative excellency and labor wellbeing, assuring quality attention for costumers and a great environment for our talented team.

Business consultancy?
Business consultancy?

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