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FAQ Section

CVs are digitalized by “+EmpleoPlus”, checking on each filter and requirement previously stablished.

That’s right, our specialists team establishes a personnel admission process focused on your company’s objective. In addition, we hire and manage the employees to work in different functions in your company.

In our company we evaluate the productivity and performance by using a customized and integral approach. Our evaluation process adapts to each organization needs and features, to their objectives, feedback, and their performance indicators.

All these mentioned are part of us as they are our differentiating factor, besides this helps in our collaborator’s professional and personal growth, this contributes to the operative/human excellency in the labor world.

Of course! “Gestión y Servicios” links this specialized process as part of the temporary service.

It’s correct, as an aggregated value if the costumer requires “Gestion y Servicios” includes home visit during the talent selection process, showing a better look to the candidate’s reality and giving more tools for a full and accurate diagnosis.

Yes, we can cover nationally any type of company in any economic sector.

Our company assures the respect for human talent value in every section of the process; besides you will get the right personnel you need to get your objectives and sooner you expected.

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